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How to deliver or send a product?

If you will make shipments on your own

If you are sending the product on your own to the address indicated by the buyer, we recommend the following:

  • Always confirm that the money is credited to your bank account before sending the order.
  • Send it only in the name of the buyer, in order to ensure that the buyer receives it directly.
  • Keep a copy of the company’s shipping receipt where you can see the address and the exact date of shipment. If a buyer makes you a claim of this kind, this will help you resolve the dispute.

If you will make personal deliveries

When you personally deliver an order, we recommend having some things in mind:

  • Be sure to plan the exchange in a safe place: public spaces can be ideal, such as a busy corner in summer or a cafe or mall if it’s cold.
  • Make the buyer sign a delivery form in which you can see:
  • Order number and title of product delivered
  • Delivery date
  • Full name and signature of the recipient.

With this you can cover your back if you have any inconvenience with the buyer and you will make us easier the task to help you in case that happens.

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