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How can I make a good post on VentaMart.com?

Here at VentaMart.com we want to help you capture as many customers as possible, and to do so we have listed some of the key tips to achieve this:

Make a title that is descriptive

The title is the key for potential buyers to find your product or service. Therefore, it should be as explicit as possible.

  • We recommend include: name of the product and or service, model, specifications, features and any other additional information that you see relevant.

  • Separate each word with spaces: do not use punctuation or symbols. The title of your post will look more punctual if you do not.

  • Check: at the end please make sure you have not made any misspellings.

For example: SanDisk Cruzer Blade CZ50 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Frustration Free Packaging SDCZ50 016G AFFP

Mention all possible details in the description

  • Be specific: In addition to the size, brand and model, be sure to include the technical features of the product, each aspect that differentiates it from the competition and the warranty. If on the other hand, the product is used please specify in what physical state it is.

  • Do not overload the content: if you place too much information or irrelevant specifications in your product’s description your potential buyers will get bored and will lose interest. The simpler and more specific it will be, the easier it will be to read for buyers!

Place images and videos of the product

  • Upload good pictures: this will allow people to see with their own eyes each of the specifications you gave in the article’s description, so place as many as you can!

    Add a video of the product working: this will generate much more trust among buyers

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